Purchase of catalytic converters

Discarded catalytic converters are worth money! LJG is a specialist in recycling catalytic converters. Enquire about our favourable daily prices for recycling of all types of catalytic converters.

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Purchase of metals

Are you curious to know how much money waste metal and old electronics may bring in? LJG Metal Recycling is the trusted address for purchasing and recycling metals.

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LJG Metal Recycling is a service provider in metal and catalytic converter recycling. Recycling is not only good for the environment but good for your wallet, too.

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There is no such thing as waste

LJG Metal Recycling provides services in recycling metals and catalytic converters. We purchase waste metal and catalytic converters from you at their actual value.

Drop off yourself or arrange a pick-up

You can drop off your waste metal and discarded catalytic converters at our recycling centre in Breukelen. Our container service is available throughout the Netherlands.

LJG Metal Recycling is a trusted recycling address for:

  • Demolition companies (construction and vehicles)
  • Installation companies
  • Refrigeration companies
  • Computer repair companies
  • Private individuals

Sustainability is a virtue

Metals from waste products are separated by LJG and processed into new raw materials. In that way, we reduce the impact on the environment: extracting raw materials from nature requires dozens of times more energy.

A good price for your metal and catalytic converters

At LJG Metal Recycling, we offer you a fair price for your metal and catalytic converters.

Why LJG Metal Recycling?

  • Sustainability is our priority
  • Leading in recycling techniques
  • Good for the environment and for your wallet
  • Purchase of metal and catalytic converters at the best prices
  • National container service

Background LJG Metal Recycling

At LJG Metal Recycling, sustainability and responsibility are core values. In a society where products often have a short life span, LJG Metal Recycling collects metals that can be reused as new raw materials.

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