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About us: global mining

At LJG Metal Recycling, sustainability and responsibility are core values. In a society where articles often have a short life span, LJG collects metals that can be reused as new raw materials. We do this in different countries, which now already include the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. As a result, the impact on our earth is greatly reduced and we are saving an enormous amount of energy and raw materials.

Sorting these metals from existing sources is called urban mining. The material is separated into the smallest of fractions. In that way, important substances are preserved for reuse.

Sustainability and development

LJG Metal Recycling takes responsibility for reducing the impact on the environment. Our own business processes are optimised to that end as well. LJG Metal Recycling makes various investments in developing countries in which our sister company operates, contributing to employment, educational facilities, health care, social housing, and drinking water facilities.

The LJG drive

Founder and owner Mike Eedenburg considers it his calling to stimulate the reuse of materials. By establishing LJG Metal Recycling, he wishes to make an important contribution to reducing the impact on the environment and ensuring that our environment is healthy enough to protect the quality of life for present and future generations.

LJG Metal Recycling can do a good job with your metal and old catalytic converters. Contact us to recycle your metal and catalytic converters.

LJG Electronics Recycling

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